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she was hopelessly in love

she was hopelessly in love

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Human motive is such a peculiar thing. We work our entire lives to learn more so we can make more so we can buy more. What exactly is our purpose for living? We cant possibly be alive to just live, can we? We wallow through our boring lives every day waiting to acquire more, hoping an abundance of things and wealth will give us the purpose we look for. But does it? Can having everything you’ve ever wanted actually give you purpose? Does someone who walks to their brand new European car wearing a Gucci coat and louboutin high heels have a more purposeful life than someone who wears walmart sneakers while walking to their ’96 toyota? Why do we question why we feel so unfulfilled when we are lost in a world filled with shiny things and so many people.


Life is a constant jumble of things that we try to acquire but we can only get so far on our own. We strive to assemble some sort of perfection in this messed up world only to fall short of societal expectations. If we base all of our happiness on our things does that mean we are doomed to misery since its nearly impossible to acquire all the things we wish to have?


We can only go so far on our own.

So far.